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The LHUKCY Story

2009 - 2014

It all started in early 2009 as Lee and I (Wendy) moved from Crete to Cyprus in December 2008. I had lots of cloths to sell so we went to the Duck Pond Market in Paphos. Sales were good, but little did we how this would change our lives. Wendy was importing cloths from the UK and selling these at her stall at the market.

Lee, who had a background in the transport business started in early 2009 to look at how to minimize the freight costs from the UK to Cyprus. Then another stall holder at the Duck Pond approached us and said it would be great to get goods over from the UK at sensible prices. Lee finally decided to do it by himself. So we bought a van in the UK, loaded it up to the top with our own stuff and goods for this other guy. Then we drove the van to Greece and then took it over to Cyprus. here the van was emptied and then sold to cover some of the costs. It was tough, but this was how it started.

After 2 trips like this we decided to buy a 7,5 ton covered truck and started moving goods both ways. From the UK to Cyprus and from Cyprus to the UK. Of course even with two men in the cabin, they needed to stop for some rest from time to time. In the winter of 2011-2012 the driver stopped in the Alps, but he did not wake Lee up. The driver too went to sleep, but he forgot to engage the brakes. So very slowly the truck started rolling on the snow/icy road. Luckily Lee woke up and managed to take control over the truck before it all would have ended in a bad tragedy.

In late 2011 the weather was even harsher and we decided to leave the truck in the UK and rather move everything into a 40 ft. container. We probably would not have been able to get everything into the van due to both volume and weight. So this started a new era as we have from this time on been using containers only.

The next container was a 20 ft container, but we saw that this was a better way to do the business. And now we could also start to put a schedule on everything so our customers could know what to expect in turn of loading date and arrival date in Cyprus.

One of our recurring customer since early 2009 had been telling Lee that he had to get a website for his business. Lee all the time was concerned about cost and told him off over and again. Stein is a good friend and in the summer of 2011 he told Lee if Lee did do anything NOW he would do it himself. Two weeks later he called Lee and told him that now he had a LHUKCY website and that he should start advertising his business with that website. - A true friend!

As you will see from the menus on this website we also have a Man+Van business and a warehouse in Emba. With our vans we also move bigger goods and we do home removals. Our rates are very good. As for the storage, here customers can rent a storage “box” for shorter or longer period of time. It is secured with alarms and each box is padlocked.

The latest addition to our business is that we have now taken the whole storage and distribution service for Sliming World here in Cyprus with weekly deliveries all over the island. We want to build on this to grow this Cyprus distribution business into a nationwide service. If you are interested in more information about this service, please click on the "Contact us" button above to get in touch with us.

It has taken us over 5 years to achieve this. It has been a lot of very hard work and very long days. At times it have been hardly any profit at all. Now in the middle on 2014 we can say that it has been worth it. We hope to build this business even stronger and better. To do that we need build on what we have been doing so far. We also need reliable and recurring customers and we do hope that you are one of those.

Greetings from Wendy and Lee